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Stade de la Meinau

Sport near Aigle d’Or

Nearby, just 20 minutes or so by car from our hotel, you’ll find Strasbourg’s legendary Meinau stadium. As well as football matches, it has hosted other important events such as rugby, athletics and exceptional concerts by the likes of bands such as U2 and Pink Floyd.
Here is a little bit about the history of the stadium so you can impress your neighbour in the grandstand at the beginning of a match:

- The main sports facility in Strasbourg, the Stade de la Meinau has been welcoming footballers since 1906.
-    Originally the site was a field in the Jardin Haemmerlé and it was the football club FC Frankonia that transformed it into football pitch.
-    The field was used by FC Neudorf starting in 1914.
-    FC Neudorf became the Racing Club de Strasbourg in 1919.
-    1921 was when the first wooden grandstand was constructed.  
-    Having been renovated in 1951, the stadium was completely rebuilt in 1984.
-    1979 saw the RCS become the champions of France.

Something to note – for any reservation on a weekend night, the Hotel Aigle d’Or offers a free ticket to go and see the Racing Club de Strasbourg!