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European Parliament

Strasbourg, European capital

Made of glass, wood and metal, standing at a height of 60 metres and with a total sur-face area of 220,000 m², this building was completed in 1999 at the dawn of a new cen-tury, and is a shining example of contemporary architecture.
The European Parliament building is located 8 km from the Hotel Aigle d’Or, so come and visit it!
Inside, find out all about the activities of the European Parliament at the Parlamentarium. To make your visit even more engaging and to help you learn about the institution, there are modern facilities such as a 360° cinema and touchscreen tables.

Some information worth noting: 
-    Along with New York and Geneva, Strasbourg is one of the few cities in the world home to international institutions without being country capitals.
-    The European Parliament represents the largest parliamentary assembly directly elected by universal suffrage in the world.
-    The building consists of a hemicycle with more than 800 places, 18 commission rooms and 1133 offices.

So, if you’re interested in legislation and modern history, head to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, European capital and symbol of reconciliation.

Group and individual visits are possible. For more information and to organise your visit, head to this site: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/visiting/en/