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Strasbourg and its cathedral

Near the Hotel Aigle d’Or

You won’t be able to miss it – standing 142 metres tall, Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral, near our hotel, offers a wealth of history spanning several decades. 
View the city in a panoramic manner and enjoy great views by climbing the cathedral tower.

Built between 1015 and 1439, people are drawn to this monument's medieval architecture. Mixing Romanesque style and Gothic art, the cathedral was constructed from pink sandstone, a clastic sedimentary rock that is emblematic of the Vosges. The shapes of the cathedral, the colour of the rock and the changing sunlight combine to create stunning views, with the nuances of light and shadow evolving throughout the day. Yet the light show continues after the sun has gone down, with the monument lit up by bright lights.

Inside, you can also discover an astronomic clock from the Renaissance period. The current mechanism dates back to 1842, and the clock is rewound every Monday by a clockmaker who works on its maintenance.  Also worth seeing are the monumental organ or the many stained glass windows such as the large rose window on the façade.